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Several Options Available for Reusable Badges, including printable insert badges

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Let our designer assist with your Logo and Text or Text Only Badge Design

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A striking unique shape tailored to your logo and badge requirements

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Why Choose Eco Badges Online?

Eco Badges Online not only offers you a fast professional service and design for your customised wooden identity products, we package and deliver in home compostable packaging. Eco Badges Online takes pride continuing our education in reducing the negative impact our environment.....Learn More

Wood Used

We choose sustainable and ethically sourced wood for our products and offer different wood options and bamboo for badges

Quality Control

Pride is in every badge, every tag, every ID card, we have quality inspection every step of the way and every badge is hand sanded.

Organic Finish

Preparing our smooth badges for finishing - we clean with Eucalyptus Oil, and polish several times with an organic wax.

Sustainable and Eco Friendly Products

Why Do we Need Name Badges

Reasons Name Badges, Name Tags and Identification Badge would be beneficial to your Business, your Staff or your Members

  1. Introducing Yourself.
    An Eco Name Badge is a great way to instantly introduce yourself, whether you are in Sales or in an Office, a name badge or name tag can start building rapport with your client or colleague.
  2. Business Branding.
    A business may use a name badge to enhance a uniform with a logo. Name badges with a logo  and a name are an advantage inside and outside the workplace for promoting your brand
  3.  Identity and Security.
    Logo and Text Badges can be used to easily identify club members or people in specific roles. Add a title to your Eco Name Tag to ensure identfying the right person for your enquiries.
  4. Recognition and Reviews.
    Research shows that wearing a Name Badge or an ID Badge, your customer, client or enquiree is more likely to remember your Name and be able to request your assitance again easily or leave valuable feedback.
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What Does Eco Friendly or Sustainable Mean to You?

A lot of promotion about Eco-Friendly and Sustainable, but what does it mean to Eco Badges Online and what meaning are we passsing onto you?

  1. Eco-Friendly Name Badges or Eco Badges are Customised Wooden Engraved Badges supplied using and eco friendly option that is not plastic based and produced and delivered choosing options with the planet and our enviromental impact a priority.
  2. Eco Badges are made from a naturally occuring substrate, wood. While there is a production process, it is deemed less hazardous than the plastic alternative. Eco Badges are engraved to suit your purpose and the Name Badge is hand sanded and Organically Finished with Organic Oils and Beeswax. This is to ensure minimal toxins are polluting our environment once badge is discarded. 
  3. Our packaging for our eco badges does not contain plastics. We use Home Biodegradable packaging, recycled paper and cardboard. We provide instructions for the best way to dispose of these in a compost bin or worm farm or to get it ready for industrial landfill.
  4. Sustainable and Eco Friendly Badges are for the Environmentally Conscious Business or Individual wanting to decrease their plastic use. Using Ethically Sourced and Sustainably wood ensures we are not depleting our natural resources for future generations. 
What can I have on my Eco Badge?

Eco Badges Online offers a complimentary design service to assist with your Name Only Badges, Name and Logo Badges, Identification Badge, Wooden Name Plates, Wooden Name Signs and Laser Cut Door Plates and Larger Door Signs.

Our production process is laser engraving and laser cutting on formaldehyde free plywood, some smaller parts in a design may not be beneficial to be included, however our professional design and production team will consult with you for the best result on your wooden engraved name badge or signs. If you want to design your own badge, we can offer specifications to ensure the best result and finish is achieved. 

Our Eco Badges are engraved, cut and hand sanded to achieve a silky smooth finish. To provide longevity to the wooden badge, we wax and polish 3 coats of an organic orange oil and beeswax based polish. Each Name Badge, Name Sign, Name Plate, Name Tag is individually inspected at each stage of the production process, to ensure it is meeting a very high quality standard. Some variations in each badge woodgrain can be expected as this is a natural product.

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